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Contact us to find the HydrogenClean center closest to you. We have centers in France, but also abroad, do not hesitate any more!

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HydrogenClean offers several financing offers so that you can integrate the HydrogenClean network. While being totally independent, you can then increase your activity. Do not hesitate to contact our experts at 01 47 98 38 69.

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The machine that we offer to our garage employees is the most powerful and the most efficient on the market, contact us.

Taking care of our Earth

Using the hydrogen descaling machine, you are actively involved in protecting the environment.

HydrogenClean, a real partner

Hydrogean Clean, offers you financing offers adapted to each structure. contact us at 01 47 98 38 69.

Dedicated support

Our experts are available to accompany you. Assistance available every day from 8am to 7pm. That's the HydrogenClean warranty!

Machines made in France

In order to increase the quality of our services and guarantee our customers quality machines, they are elaborated and built in France.


For several years, we have been offering our customers the most efficient machines on the market. For any questions our experts are at your disposal.

De-escalate your customers' engines with HydrogenClean


Hydrogen descaling is the best way to remove residues, clean thoroughly and protect all parts of vehicles that are sensitive to scale.

Guarantees for all

Hydrogen cleaning is not only effective for cars. It is also very advisable for the means of maritime and industrial transport (cranes, tanks ...)


Carbon scale is created during the use of vehicles in which blackish oxidation deposits are deposited which are deposited in strategic locations of the engine.

Ecology and economics

HydrogenClean offers its employees to protect the environment, while allowing their customers to save up to € 12 per full, thanks to hydrogen cleaning.

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The HydrogenClean revolution

Our HydrogenClean descaling machine is a powerful and revolutionary machine that allows all of your customers' engines to regain their original power. The intervention will last only 30 minutes in one of our partner centers.

By using this operation you will allow your customers to reduce their carbon footprint, less pollute and thus preserve the environment.

HydrogenClean is thus the solution that will allow your customers to facilitate the passage of their vehicle to technical control, reduce the holes at acceleration, also reduce the noise of the engine, avoid the fouling of the parts , EGR valves, turbo, injectors, valves ...) and reduce their fuel consumption by about 15%.

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